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Trail Running

Trail running seems to attract any runner who wishes to get off the roads, but it doesn’t seem to have a separate identity like the road, cross country and fell disciplines. So where does it fit in? Many senior runners come in to the sport through road running doing 5k and 10k races and perhaps onwards to half and full marathon distances. Some have a go at the winter cross country races, which are typically over marked courses in parks. Fewer still takes to the fells with its steep climbs and unmarked routes.

Trail running fits nicely in the middle. There is the advantage of a marked course, as on the roads, so there is no need to worry about navigation or getting lost. Each trail race is different depending on the terrain. You may find yourself on stony tracks, muddy fields, woodland trails or all the lot in one race. And, like fell running you see some great areas of the countryside.

In the dryer summer months you should be alright running in road shoes, but a pair of shoes designed for off road running, especially in winter, would be better. There is plenty of choice now, including Inov-8, who have a large range of trail and fell shoes.

Trail races are found all over the country with distances ranging from 4-5 miles upwards. Off road half and full marathon distances seem popular and ultra marathon distances of 50+ miles have a following.

Please contact the Trail Running Coordinator if you wish to know anything further about trail running at Preston Harriers.


Although the club does not cater for triathlons or have any triathlon coaches there is a small, growing group of enthusiastic club members who are actively involved in triathlon racing and training. Multi activity sports, like duathlon and triathlon, have a natural crossover link to road running and some of our runners regularly compete in this type of event.

Vernon Vets Championship

The Vernon Vets Trophy is open to all male vets. The trophy was donated to the club in the 1980’s by a runner following a pools win, hence the name Vernon. It has traditionally been awarded to the best veteran runner with races spread over each of the clubs major disciplines, road, cross country, track and fell (off road).

It was re-instated in 2016 and now includes the ladies with the addition of a new trophy, the Vernon Vets Ladies Trophy.

Races have been chosen to appeal to as wide a number of runners as possible. The off road races are trail races and easy fell races.

Vernon Vets Trophy Races 2020

11/1/20Mid Lancs Cross Country BurnleyCross Country
8/2/19Mid Lancs Cross Country BlackpoolCross Country
29/2/20Mid Lancs Cross Country LancasterCross Country
3/5/20Yarrow River Trail RaceTrail (Off Road)
30/5/20Catforth Canter 5KRoad
18/6/20Aggies Staircase Fell RaceFell (Off Road)
13/7/20Wesham Inter ClubRoad
12/8/20Chorley Inter ClubRoad
29/8/20Pendleton Fell RaceFell (Off Road)

The trophies will be awarded to the best Male and Female Veteran Over 40.

Best 4 races to count, but must include one of each cross country, road and off road races. Points awarded as follows:

1st 32 pts, 2nd 30 pts, 3rd 28 pts, 4th 27 pts etc to 30th & below 1 pt.

Vernon Vets Trophy 2020 Results to Date
Vernon Vets Trophy Final Results
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‘Guess Your Time’ Race Series

Venue:UCLAN Track
Start time:7:45pm
Distance:3K to 5K
Entry fee:£2 (plus normal track fee) All entry fees used for prizes
Age:Over 16
21 Mar 2018Easter Race
11 Jul 2018Summer Race
26 Sept 2018Autumn Race

This is a series of 3 races for Preston H. senior members, which take place during the normal Wednesday evening track session.

How it Works
Enter the race and guess your finish time. This is a normal race with all runners starting at the same time. NO WATCHES ALLOWED.

Prizes will be awarded to the best 3 male and female runners who finish with the nearest time to their predicted time. Therefore, every runner has a chance to win.

Full results, actual time and ‘guess your time’, will be published.
A trophy is awarded to the overall series winner.

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