At the Mid Lancs Cross Country Zoom meeting on 26th August 2020, due to no guidelines having been issued, it was not possible to decide on whether the Mid Lancs Cross Country season would take place in 2020-21. However, a provisional set of venues and dates were outlined.

There was some discussion as to how cross country could operate safely in the present circumstances. Obviously, it is all conjecture, as until some guidance is disseminated and discussed by leagues and clubs, nothing can be decided, or committed to. It was noted that some leagues have already postponed until 2021.

After the meeting EA announced that…. “Cross Country competition will be unable to resume in the traditional format, adaptations will have to be made based on the current circumstances regarding the virus. However, England Athletics believe this is an exciting step forward for the Cross-Country community and we are currently working on guidance with the named organisations to support competition providers in providing a safe return to adapted cross country competition.”
EA have identified that they will issue guidance during the week commencing 14th September.
The latest information can be found at Mid Lancs Cross Country League

Provisional Fixtures
7 Nov 2020          Hyndburn or Leigh
28 Nov 2020        Liverpool
5 Dec 2020          Hyndburn or Leigh
16 Jan 2021         Burnley (Towneley Park)
13 Feb 2021        Cartmell Race Track
13 Mar 2021       Ulverston