The Easter ‘Guess Your Time’ track race will be during the Wednesday evening track training session on Wed 29 March. Start at 7.45pm. The race is open to club members only. Age 16 & over. Lots of prizes and every runner has a chance to win. Simply guess your finish time and the nearest to your actual finish time wins. Further details

Date:             Wed 29 March 2017
Venue:          UCLAN Track
Start Time:   7.45pm (Registration from 7.00pm)
Distance:      5k
Cost:             £4 (£2 Track fee plus £2 race entry) All entry fees used for prizes
Age:              Over 16
This will replace the normal Wednesday evening track session and is open to Preston H. runners only.
How it Works
Enter the race and guess your finish time. This is a normal race with all runners starting at the same time. NO WATCHES ALLOWED. The race distance will be exactly 5k. An opportunity to record an accurate 5k time on the track. Race numbers will be used. BRING YOUR OWN PINS.
Prizes will be awarded to the best 3 male and female runners who finish with the nearest time to their predicted time. Therefore, every runner has a chance to win. More prizes if there is a large entry. All prizes Easter related.
Full results, actual time and ‘guess your time’ will be put on the website.